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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I've really lost it this time!

I'm excited and a little nervous all at the same time!  I've decided to go Vegan for a month!

What prompted this? Well, I've been eating msotly plant based since last spring when I completed the Beachbody Ultimate Reset.  I learned so much about protein sources and how I really don't need as much as I think and how to cook good foods that are plant based but still so filling.

I lost 8 pounds and really felt good and rested, etc.....

But, as life goes, I eventually started drinking coffee again (which isn't any good without milk and sugar, right?)  and my meals got all out of whack.  I gained all the weight back and a couple of extra pounds and generally felt unhealthy and unhappy with my weight, body, etc.

I tried to do the Reset again, but I just couldn't get my brain around it and so I failed. 

Welcome 2013!  A new chance a new year with all those blank pages I have yet to write on.  What will my story be?  I've got some plans, oh yes!

So I started out by doing the Ultimate Reset once again.  This time with an accountability group and I really dove into it and have finished now, again 8 pounds lighter, but more than that, I feel more committed to my health and lifestyle than before. 
So, I see this link for an article that my cousin is quoted in (she's a Vegan) and in that article is this link for the 30 day Vegan challenge.

I signed up!  I know there will be some challenges.  Mostly, just like for the past 21 days, I've been eating foods different than my children.  I do love meat sometimes and It was hard like when I made this really yummy roast for the kids and I couldn't have any:(  But we'll see how this next month goes.  Since I basically started yesterday, I will be done just as February finishes. 

I also REALLY love eggwhite veggies omelettes.  I have to find a satisfactory sub for those.  Otherwise I have no idea what I'll eat when I go out with my friends for breakfast or lunch!

Not to mention feeding the children.  I can only hope that they will be willing to eat more plant based foods by the end of this.  We are the typical American household with meat as the main part of every meals instead of focusing more on fruits and veggies.  My fault I know. 

I'll keep you posted!

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