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Friday, October 19, 2012

a little reminder

So last night Morgan had a sudden asthma attack while at Discipleship group. 

I had just gotten home from dropping her off and she texts me.  "Can you find my inhaler?????" 
Of course I couldn't find it, but I found one that had been prescribed for Hale. 
I drove it over there grateful that I had also learned that in a pinch, steam will help a bit to buy some time before actual medicine is administered.  I ran the gamut of emotions that go with a child potentially suffocating,  gave her the inhaler and came home and took care of all the last minute before bed stuff. 

This morning she complained of her chest hurting so I let her stay home from school.  (I know, I'm so nice:)

While she slept in I got everyone else on their respective buses and went down to the basement to get my workout in.  Now, let me stop and mention the workout program I am currently doing is TurboFire and it's a doozy!  The amount I sweat rivals Insanity, and that's saying something! 

Anyway, since workout time is "me" time, I do my best thinking and solving the world's problems while I punch and kick.  At the very end of the 45 minutes when I really have no more to give,  Chalene Johnson, the trainer says,
"be grateful that you can exercise this hard". 
I thought, YES!  So true!  Because upstairs, at that very moment, my beloved daughter is wheezing and having chest pain with every breath.

THANK YOU GOD for my breath. 
THANK YOU GOD for modern medicine. 
THANK YOU GOD for second chances. 
THANK YOU GOD for health.

THANK YOU GOD for this gift of a day with my sweet girl.

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