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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It takes two (or more)

My goodness!  I've been wanting to write for a while now and life has been getting in my way! 
I've been realizing lately (although I know this is really no new invention on my part), how much better I am when I am with someone.  I know, this isn't really a post about Andy, yet the lack of his presence has an almost overwhelming effect on my days,  This is about friends.  This is about accountability.  This is about love. 

I feel I am a solitary person.  I enjoy being by myself.  I  don't feel like I am very competitive.  I am also inherently lazy.  Really, a cup of coffee in the morning, reading, or a glass of wine in the evening, reading, -  these would be my favorite two pasttimes. 

However, as I've said, I am noticing how much better I am with other people.  I love talking to people.  In the grocery store, at school, at the park.  I am not shy and I will have a great, personal conversation with a complete stranger, much to my childrens chagrin and frustration when they have to wait for me.  I am always thrilled when I find common ground with someone else - be it my faith in God and what he's done for me,  or parenting, or exercise.
Back to my revelation.  I need other people.  I know that God made Eve to be with Adam because it was not good for him to be alone.  Adam wasn't made to be by himself, he was created to be in communion and relationship with God.  So, why is it that I often think I am fine by myself and I should be able to do everything myself and I don't need anyone? 

Oh, right, that pride..

So, when God brings others into my life, and I begin to see, once again, how much joy comes from being with others, I am grateful.  Because I know that encouragement only comes from those who love me, I can't encourage myself.  I have high expectations and only a friend can being me back to reality and push me to be the best I can be.
Being a relational creation transcends to every area of my life - When I suffer tragedy, my friends listen, support and pray for me.  When I experience joy, they rejoice with me.  When I am gardening, they sit and talk to me while I plant.  When I touch my toes in a stretch in YogaX, they are excited with me!  Everything in life is enhanced when shared.  A smile,  when from the heart, extends way beyond the person to whom it was originally given.

We are better with a partner.  I am a better friend because others I have amazing friends.  When I am in contact with my friends, I think of them more often.  I check my actions against what they might say.  I do things that I can share with them proudly, rather than having to share a failure. 

I exercise harder and more consistently when I am sharing my workout program with people.  Just the knowledge that I've committed to workout on a certain day,  holds me accountable.  I want them to be proud of me. 
I like encouraging others to exercise too because I find I love my friends and I want them to be healthy and feel good like I do when I move regularly.

God is my friend too, and I have to realize that the same principle applies to my relationship with Him.  When I am in contact with him I check my actions and thoughts against whether or not he would be pleased with them.  So it is to my benefit to spend time with God just as I spend time working out.  To keep my spirit healthy to stay connected to how much he loves me.

So I can value my alone time, and I need others in my life to fill me up.  I know God gives me these blessings so I can pay it forward to bless those with whom I come in contact.


  1. Thank you Susan. Keep writing. Keep going, you are inspiring others!

  2. What a great post! We are better in life with others, and they can help us by being accountability partners in lots of our lives! Including fitness. Thanks Susan, very inspiring!