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Monday, June 27, 2011

Almost there!

Today was Max Cardio & Cardio Abs.  I have four more days before I will have completed Insanity!   I can't believe I've gotten this far and how great it is to feel so exhausted after this workout!  I feel like it's really a double - doing Cardio Abs right after Max Cardio.  I officially hate jump tucks and power jumps.  But I try so hard to have proper form and I am kind of proud of myself that I give it my all.  Thank goodness for time limits!  I have never used my Results and Recovery formula as much as I have during Insanity - my body really needs the replenishment.
I am so amazed that I work so hard, because I would rather sit a leisurely drink my coffee in the morning.  But even though I don't consider myself a competetive person, I hate giving up once I've made a committment to something.  Beachbody has really given me the opportunity to grow in that way.  I am finding determination in myself I didn't think was there.  From the beginning, when I first borrowed P90X from a friend at church, I found a release for the stressors in my life and some successes that have renewed my confidence. 
So, I'm beat!  And I feel good!  See you on July 2!

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