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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finnegan begin-again

"There once was a man named Michael Finnegan
he had whiskers on his chinnegan
they grew out, and then grew in-again
Poor old Michael Finnegan begin-again" 

(I apologize to any reference to anyone actually named Michael Finnegan)  This was a song I learned when I was a child from the Big Book of Folk Songs we had on the piano.  For some reason it came to my mind today as I realized (on the first full day of a new school year) I have the entire day TO MYSELF!!!

So, of course I started thinking about new beginnings and I realized that there are many times a year, every year that are times of new beginning for me.  The start of a new school year is one of those times.  Probably reminiscent of my own childhood when August was full of hope and anticipation of new friends, new experiences (new clothes).  It is a fresh, exciting, energizing feeling! 

I am grateful for those ripples of anticipation that flow through my body because without them I would probably never get anything accomplished, let alone get out of bed! 

Like many people I have a tendency to get complacent, lazy, a little depressed with the redundancy of life.  Really, don't you think?  Brush your teeth, make your bed, take out the garbage, grocery shop, make dinner, lunches, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, brush your teeth, go to bed, wake up, do it ALL AGAIN.  etc, etc, etc, blah,blah,blah.   Thank you God for NEW BEGINNINGS!!!

So.  Here's my chance.  A fresh slate.  A new year.  Cooler weather coming.  So much to look forward to!!!

So...what am I going to do?  Aye, that's the rub.

Here I am, thinking out loud while I type this, making plans in black and white so I don't get to the next new beginning never having started this one!

The first and most important thing is a recommitment to starting my day with God-time.  Truly, my father God has me foremost in His mind and I am remiss in my attnetion to Him.  I am an apprentice leader in Women's Bible Study this year and I am so grateful for that structure provided to encourage me to really study God's word and His presence in my life!

Secondly, as I have mentioned, is my exercise.  The kids are on their respective buses by 7:45 am.  I am eager to start MY part of day with whichever Beachbody program I have going (right now its Chalean Extreme)  because, as you know, that is my sanity!  Since I started regularly working out about 3 years ago, it has been my stress reliever through some very tough times.

Thirdly, how can I best serve my community?  I have become passionate about helping others find the same sense of well being and accomplishment through exercise and a healthier lifestyle and I have great plans from a Fit Club to organizing a Health and Wellness Fair with the school.  These things take me committing and organizing and getting out of my comfort zone.  Yikes!  But when else to start than during this "new beginning"?  I see these great possibilities - gotta take those first steps!

After all that, in my "spare time",(and this is where it gets fuzzy) is tackling the 500 gajillion projects that are all over my house.  The first step (I hate this part) is to make a list, write them down.  The best part of the list?  Crossing things off!  Hopefully I'll be able to share some successes here as I plod through my eternal attempt to get organized:)

So, I have been so very busy this summer and the kids and I have had lots of fun.  Thank you God for giving us the many opportunities to enjoy our summer! 

Now it's time to look to this next chapter of our lives.  I anticipate great things! 

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  1. After you make your list, I would like to see if there is one thing that I can cross off of your list for you. Really. That would be fun for me.