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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sometimes it's just one foot in front of the other....

I can't believe I've gotten myself into this situation! I'm half proud of myself and half completely freaked out, thinking to myself, "are you out of your mind?!?

Tomorrow I will be driving a 31 foot RV with my four children to South Dakota and back again over 12 days. The kids are beyond excited. I am just trying not to think about how huge this vehicle is!

But this trip is making good on a promise. Andy and I talked about taking an RV around the country and finally the kids and I are gonna do it. (of course if I had realized that you have to be 25 to drive a rental RV, I might not have promised anything!) :/ So I am the solo driver and I'm trying not to think about it.

I am focusing on the precious time I will have with my children. This time I will never have again. After this initial craziness of preparing and packing and planning our route, we will get in the RV tomorrow and just breathe deeply. (well, I will. I think the kids will hyperventilate for a while.)

What is it that my soul longs for time out? Time away from the hustle and bustle of life and a chance to connect with those I love? Life is precious. After this year, my son will graduate, get a job and be off to college. Our lives will be changed. Again. We are too aware of our fragile natures. So I am drinking in every moment of this trip. I wonder what sights we'll see? What will each of us remember most?

I am looking forward to connecting with each of my kids away from the demands of school and friends. I get them all to myself!!

I imagine God feels that way with me sometimes (or often). He looks forward to me coming to him unencumbered by the concerns of life, just spending time with him, relaxed and with no agenda.

Into the stuff of memories we go!!

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